Vergelegen plays host to a number of annual events, some with a charity orientation such as "Starlight Classics" and "Carols By Candlelight", as well as a number of unique events ranging from sunset vineyard tours through to exclusive themed dinners.

As well as these public events, Vergelegen also hosts 'tailor-made' private functions at its respective restaurant venues on the Estate, ranging from birthday and anniversary celebrations to small wedding receptions, through to international events such as the Mining Indaba Dinner, catering for up to 1000 guests.

Issue with Vergelegen telephone numbers dialled from the MTN Network

We are currently experiencing a problem when guests dial Vergelegen telephone numbers from the MTN network when they receive the message "the number you have dialled is incorrect".  We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience this is causing to our guests and are doing our utmost to have the matter resolved by MTN.  Thank you for your patience.






Published Date: 13 Dec 2016

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