Chef's Themed Dinner at Camphors Restaurant - "The Effects of Ageing"

"The Effects of Ageing" the first in a series of three Chef's Themed Dinners for Winter/Spring 2017 to be held on Friday, 28 July

Join Camphors Executive Chef Michael Cooke as he takes you through an exciting food and wine experience - "THE EFFECTS OF AGEING" - a menu that embodies a sense of PLACE – paying homage to the ORIGINS of our produce...

We are fortunate to have a very unique climate that offers an abundance of natural produce in South Africa, and are spoilt for choice in the Western Cape where the geography of land and sea meet on our doorstep.

Embark on a journey as we scout our way through the regional food compass of the Cape’s bounty, through a menu showcasing the EFFECTS OF AGEING on produce, and how this process evolves flavour in the ingredients.

Snacks: Meat maturation & preservation

Carrots – young & old, pickled & fermented

Dry-Aged Duck, Beetroots large & small

The Ages of Sheep: Lamb, Hogget, Mutton
Maize, Aubergine, Onions, Herbs

The Maturation of Cheese

Over-Ripe Banana, Caramelized Chocolate

Cost    : R 765 per head including selected wine pairings.
Time   : Reservations from 18h30 - 20h00
Venue : Camphors at Vergelegen signature restaurant
Date   : Friday, 28 July 2017

Bookings essential 021-8472131

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Published Date: 13 Jul 2017